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 Rules of this forum

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brett favre
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PostSubject: Rules of this forum   Thu Jun 12, 2008 8:15 pm

Here are the simple rules

No cussing
No inaproppiarate content
No racist or sexis flaming
No trolling
No posting links to inappropriate sites
no spamming
Post must be over 4 words.Not apply to spam wave

Depending on the violation level means if i will ban you

Level 1;minor such as threads in wrong boards:1/2 point
Level 2 Medium violations:Just spamming or anything not Really bad
Level 3:Major:Very bad rule breaking and is band at certaint level

Banning levels
4 day ban
Week ban
3 week ban
Account permantly banned
If you make a dupe accout and get a week ban permaband for you
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Rules of this forum
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